Razormind (Magath - Dominance/Pain/Steel)


Spirit Name:
Razormind (Magath – Dominance/Pain/Steel)

Power 9 Willpower 18
Finesse 4 Essence 20/1
Resistance 9 Rank 3


Size 7 Defense 9 Armor 0
Speed 18 Initiative 13
Corpus 16


INFLUENCES Pain *, Pride *, Steel *
NUMINA Blast (Razorwire), Claim, Fearstruck, Living Fetter, Material Vision, Materialize, Reaching, Sense Weakness (as per Gift)
BAN Unknown to PCs at this time.


NPC Spirit: Magath

Razormind (Dominance/Pain/Steel)

Quote: << Twist you up and MAKE you do what I say! >>

Background and Description:
Razormind formed after a particularly heinous accident at one of the Arsenal steel factories that produced razor-wire and barbed wire. A man was caught up for hours, slowly bleeding to death in agonizing pain. Spirits of agony flooded around the spirits of steel. When the foreman came after the man was released and immediately demanded his workers go back to their jobs or be fired, a potent spirit of dominance consumed all the tiny Gafflings and merged with the steel.

Over the course of the next few months, Razormind caused more and more accidents until it was forced out by a pack of Forsaken. It fled into the wilderness and has been experimenting with taking command of dominant animals. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal, as long as it exerts an “alpha-like” sensation over others.

Razormind Elk (Duguthim)
Base Elk Traits + Razormind fully claimed

Mental: Intelligence 1 (3), Wits 3 (4), Resolve 3 (5)
Physical: Strength 5 (9), Dexterity 3 (4), Stamina 5 (10)
Social: Presence 3 (6), Manipulation 1 (3), Composure 2 (4)
Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 1, Survival 2
Willpower: 5 (9)
Health: 14 (19)
Initiative: 5 (8)
Defense: 3 (4)
Armor: 1
Speed: 17 (23) (Species factor 10)
Size: 9
Synthesis: 2
Aspects: Immune to Pain , Natural Weaponry (Razors) ** (Hidden Power ), Tough Skin (Razorwire) * (Hidden Power *)
18 (20 max)
Hoof 4 (L)
Antlers 4 (L)* Knockdown (p168)


Arsenal visnecesse