Unfathomable Terror

Unfathomable Terror (Fearling)


Spirit Name:
Unfathomable Terror (Fearling)

Power 8 Willpower 16
Finesse 9 Essence 20
Resistance 8 Rank 3


Size 5 Defense 9 Armor 0
Speed 27 Initiative 17
Corpus 13


NUMINA Living Fetter, Gauntlet Breach, Discoporation, Others unknown to PCs
BAN Must kneel to a being that can cow it.


Unfathomable Terror takes the form of a massive shadow of a bat, barely visible in the darkness. It feeds off of the fear of the unknown, the idea that some dark force lurks just outside the realm of vision.

It discovered Jack going through his First Change more than a month back while he was (unknowingly) in the presence of a Locus it had been feeding from. It knew what would happen when Jack turned and decided to use the raw essence given off by the First Change to feed itself. The spirit thought it could ride Jack into a terror induced frenzy and kill other Uratha, half-breed scum that they were, and then turn on the frightened wolf and devour him of essence.

Unfathomable Terror

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