Experience Bonuses

Experience, Character Creation, and Bonuses

Players may earn the following Experience Bonuses for assisting in creation of the game:

  • +10xp for a created location; see example location: The House of Glass This applies to the first location created only unless the GM offers further bonuses.
  • Physical Character Description: +3 personal xp / +1 pack xp
    Must include Human, Wolf, and Gauru forms descriptions at least.
  • Mentor NPC: +3 personal xp / +1 pack xp
  • Other NPCs: +1 personal xp / +2 pack xp
  • Prelude: +5xp for playing through a prelude scene on the forums
  • Forum Scenes: +2xp for playing through full forum scenes. Ask Storyteller what qualifies.

Advanced Character Experience

The following is additional experience to create slightly more advanced characters than normal. This xp assumes that your character is a little above the average, has had a few experiences under their belt, or has more raw talent.

Free Rituals

  • Grant 1 free Ritual to any character that has taken at least one dot in Rites and +1xp.
  • Storyteller Note: Please let me know if you have purchased Rituals and I will assign you 1-2 free Rites. For example, Jason (Horatio Rose) will start with Shared Scent Rite at minimum, for free.

Free Skill Specialty

  • Gain 1 Free Skill Specialty of your choice in addition to normal. If you do not take Rites, you may gain 2 Skill Specialties.

Established Pack

  • +35 additional XP to spend however they see fit.
  • Note: Kyle, you will specifically start with Primal Urge 2 and only +21 bonus XP
  • All PCs may raise 1 Attribute from 2 to 3 for free
  • All PCs may choose 3 skills to raise from 0 to 1 for free
  • All PCs gain 5 dots for Social Merits (spent as starting dots, not XP)
  • Renown: May not have more than a total of 5 ranks of total renown after bonus XP expenditure. May not increase any Renown over 3 at the start. Example: 3 Cunning, 1 Glory, 1 Purity
  • Kyle: It may be beneficial and appropriate to the story if you do not spend all of this new XP at the immediate, but instead save some of it to spend after his character takes on some new information and gets a chance to flesh out in game. However, if you wish to do otherwise, that is acceptable.

Story Rewards
At the end of the First Story (Pack) all of the PCs will be given a free single dot of Renown (and associated Gift) as well as +20 total Group XP to spend however they wish.

There will be a similar (though not always equal in XP value) bonus at the end of each Story.

Experience Bonuses

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