History of the _Uratha_


The History of The People (Uratha, the Forsaken)

The history of Arsenal as it relates to the People is one of obscurity. A few packs of Forsaken and Pure have fought over the small territory located mere hours from the more prized Denver. Neither ever had a significant presence in the region until the rise of the vampire Marianna.

[Special Note: Big Ben – See below]

The Vampire Marianna (detailed in the Hunting Grounds: The Rockies book) sought control over Colorado with the growing westward expansion. For a time, she was able to push out large groups of the Forsaken, though eventually she fell to her own ignorance of the Shadow. The vampires were vanquished and many fled to the rising power of Salt Lake City. There, a domain formed under a Ventrue of the Lancea Sanctum called Archbishop Armel. The Forsaken and the interest of the Pure returned to Denver.

Some of the packs forced into exile under Marianna’s brief reign ventured all the way west to Arsenal. The growing population of Forsaken would eventually lead to their dominance over the town. This affected the local populace greatly. The tremendous veins of silver would eventually be closed down through the influence of the Uratha. This act forced the town into a kind of stagnation and capped its growth for decades.

Around 1970 a strange new power arose in the Hisil, the Shadow Realm of Arsenal. A powerful spirit believed to have come straight out of the Spirit Wilds began to assault the spirit leaders and suborn them to its rule. This spirit [The City Spirit; needs a name] seemed to draw an unusual amount of power from elements out of story. The ideological view of the American Frontier, or the Wild West, gave it power.

In the mortal world, Arsenal felt a resurgence of shops and houses of entertainment that focused on bygone days. Suburbs lay claim to the any legends of Old West they could reasonably claim. Most importantly, the power of this new City Spirit proved too much for the Forsaken packs, and its desire to a return to the “old days” included the reopening of the silver mines.

It is believed by the Uratha of Arsenal that the spirit somehow drew in elementals and created “new veins” of rich metals in order to recreate the feel that Arsenal is a “boom town.” New mines of rich metals have been discovered in nearly every suburb and outskirt of Arsenal.

[The City Spirit; needs a name] reached out with envoys to drive humanity and spirits alike in greater numbers to its domain. It has recently surpassed Utah in population (in both worlds) and seems to have an eye for further expansion in its power.

Big Ben Arsenal

Much of the human legacy of Big Ben is known, but clouded from the eyes of the herd is his Uratha heritage. Ben himself was no Forsaken, but his son came to be known as one of the foremost shapers of Uratha fetishes in his time. He took his father’s famous pocket watch and bound it to the Arsenal Cannon through some unknown ritual. Watchmaker of “The Peacemaker’s Solution” carries this watch and some of the blood of old Ben.

Big Ben Arsenal were murdered by the Pure, an ancestor of Solidath. This is why Solidath was chosen to lead the charge against the city. For a time after, the city’s Hisil had fragmented, left to rot. Wounds opened in some locations. Bart/Archimedes sought to correct these errors with vigorous aggression, but the city remained ever a target of both the Pure and the Kindred (Vampires).

Big Ben’s Son:
Jonathan Bartholomew Arsenal

  • Called “Bart” for short. Hoped the name “Big Bart” would take on, but he never drew enough of a reputation in the mortal world to be called anything other than Bart or “Little Ben.”
  • Iron Master, Cahalith; Deed Name “Archimedes”
  • Bart was obscure as a human. He had taken on all his father’s wisdom and clear thought, but none of the older man’s charisma. As a Cahalith, his Gifts focused on Knowledge in lieu of Inspiration. He was renowned for his manipulation of the Fetish Rite.

History of the _Uratha_

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