Ivory Claws


Ivory Claws (Tzuumfin)

Guardians of the Mountain Pass

Young and previously untested, the pack that guards the mountain pass through the Rockies is quickly earning a name for itself by protecting one of the most valuable strips of territory in the area. Sascha Sunsdaughter, the daughter of the respected Ivory Claw elder Malcolm Brightsun, stumbled across the hidden pass through sheer luck. Leading her new pack through the opening, Sascha discovered that the deep gouge in the mountain face led to a long path through the rock and into the mountain range. Following the narrow path, the pack found it eventually widened into an area rich in Essence, where the concentrated spirit of wind, forced through the crack in the rock, had imbued the pass with its energy. A small pack of aging Storm Lords, the long-term guardians of the locus, fell quickly to the spirited young Ivory Claws. News of their find quickly spread through the
Colorado area, however, and the inexperienced pack soon found itself under attack by many foes wishing to claim the strategic locus. Determined to follow in her father’s footsteps and make a name for herself, Sascha led her pack to victory after victory against the interlopers.

  • Known Members: Sascha Sunsdaughter (alpha); Dominic Martin; Second Son; Jen Davenport
  • Pack Changes from Books: As per book.
  • Pack Notes: As per book.
  • Pack Totem: Devouring Beast of Snow
  • Pack Locus: Mountain Pass Rating 4; Resonance: Constancy
  • More detailed information on the Echoes of Thunder can be found in Hunting Grounds: The Rockies pp104-07

Ivory Claws

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