Kolobton - Godfrey Park


Territory of the Pure Pack Herald of the Forsaken

Originally named Godfrey Park, this suburb of Arsenal has recently had a change of name. A particularly zealous sect of the Church of Latter-Day Saints has been driven by Sun-Shattered-Sky to near-insane religious beliefs. A recent off-shoot of the larger Mormon church has cropped up in the past few years calling themselves the Righteous Prophets of Kolob. Led by Apostle Ezra Taggart, the Righteous hold the belief that a true prophet shall rise from their midst and carry forth the word of the end of the world.

The Righteous renamed Godfrey Park after claiming a majority on the city’s council. Others in the church believe their choice of name blasphemous. Kolob is the “heavenly body nearest to the throne of God” in scripture, believed by other LDS members to potentially be a planet. The Apostle Taggert’s sect believes that Kolob can be made by man to draw forth the attention of God.

Ever since the sect’s “takeover” of Godfrey Park, the suburb has gone downhill. The Righteous hold a belief that the world is in its end times and therefore put little stock in governance for the future. Crime is high, though much of the city’s budget is spent on restructuring city parks and protecting the wildlife areas.

Kolobton’s Hisil is a breeding ground of powerful and chaotic Conceptual and Nature spirits. In part influenced by the Herald of the Return’s totem and subsidiary engum, the Shadow is a carefully cultivated danger zone to any other Pure or Forsaken that dare enter.

Kolobton - Godfrey Park

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