Multi-Tribal Pure

Multi-Tribal Pure of Denver

Howl to Mock the Dead

Howl to Mock the Dead is a ferocious pack dedicated to the destruction and humiliation of Uratha. Recently, the Hunter in Darkness pack called Shadow of Smoke and Fire became the target of its aggression (see Chapter Two). After viciously killing Haunting Howl of Peril, the alpha of the Howl to Mock the Dead became fixated on demoralizing the others before murdering them one by one. The strategy seems to be working thus far, though the pack beta, Samuel Tucker, is beginning to think too much time is being spent on the already broken pack and that they should simply hunt down and slaughter the remaining Meninna. If he can convince his alpha, Red Snow, of this, the remaining members of Shadow of Smoke and Fire might not be long for this world.

  • Known Members: Red Snow; Samuel Tucker; Dark Sky; Gene “Cull” Coller
  • Pack Notes: As per Book
  • Pack Totem: Araen the Ancient Flame with Wings
  • Pack Locus: Steam Caves Locus Rating 4
  • More detailed information on the Echoes of Thunder can be found in Hunting Grounds: The Rockies pp101-04

Multi-Tribal Pure

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