Spirits of Arsenal


Spirits of Arsenal

Spirits the PCs Have Encountered

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Rank 3 Magath mix of Dominance/Pain/Steel. Encountered by Crash and Bastian.

Rank 2 Elemental. Encountered by Horatio Rose.

Rank 2 Harvester, Amdulim. Encountered by Dean Thorton.

Unfathomable Terror
Rank 3 Fearling. Encountered Game 1: Cry Havoc!

Encountered Game 2: Bad Moon Rising. Bushwacker is an old bull spirit bound into a mechanical bull. It has a particular hatred for Uratha riding it and feeds off of conflict.

Take Back the Land
Rank 3 Oak, Those That Wait, Hiri Hufesi. Encountered Game 2: Bad Moon Rising.

Spirits the PCs Have Not Yet Encountered

Unforgiving Justice
Rank Unknown (likely 4 or 5). Premiere City Spirit of Arsenal, Utah.

Spirits of Arsenal

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