The Archdiocese of Salt Lake City - Vampire Domain


The Archdiocese of Salt Lake City, Utah

The great capitol of Utah, Salt Lake City is dominated by the Kindred (vampire), a common enemy of the Uratha. The city is ruled with an iron fist by the Lancea Sanctum, a faction of the Kindred with a deeply religious founding. They believe in the power of Longinus, the spearmen who stabbed Christ and became anointed in his blood.

Another Kindred faction known as the Invictus holds a secondary power over the human political climate, though they are subservient to the Archbishop. There seems to be a tense coexistence between these two groups and the other 3 major factions, but the hardline of the Lancea Sanctum keeps everything in check.

To the Kindred, the city is referred to as an Archdiocese by its religious leadership. Ruled by the Archibishop (Prince) Armel, known as the ‘Stone Prince.’ None know his true name. They only know that he is a Ventrue, supposedly of French stock, centuries old. He is a hardliner of the ruling Monachal Creed with a hatred of all those who stand against the righteous rule of the Sanctum.

Archbishop Armel has broken the city up into domains ruled over by the Synod, a council of Bishops of the Lancea Sanctum. Most of them fall in line, but one in particular, a member of the evangelical Tollison Creed, stands in open opposition. The Reverend Billy, a Daeva with less than a century of unlife under his belt, is a charismatic leader of the Opposition Faction of the Archbishop.

The other factions of the Kindred exist within the city, but are only barely tolerated. The Order of the Crone in particular is despised.

Salt Lake City has always been the most prominent and prestigious of locations within the confines of Utah. Both its mortal and immortal residents wish to keep it that way. However, over the past two decades, Arsenal has risen out of obscurity with its surge of population and political power. Salt Lake City, as the center of Utah politics both human and vampire, seeks constantly to tear down its rival city and put Arsenal in its place.

Of specific mention, the Kindred known as Olivia Colbert, owner of the Rattle N Hum, was banished from the blessed arms of Salt Lake City for her ‘heresy against the Church.’ The Archbishop himself has a particular hatred for Olivia, though her crime did not warrant her Final Death. He sees her presence in the growing Arsenal as a thorn in his side. Where she to gain enough power to draw away the Kindred flock of Salt Lake City, she may be able to suborn his own power. Such will not be tolerated.

Salt Lake City: Capitol of Utah
Population: ~191,180
Elevation: 4,226’

Notable Information:

  • Religious Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) at the 10-acre Temple Square

The Archdiocese of Salt Lake City - Vampire Domain

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