The City of Arsenal and Surrounding

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The City of Arsenal, Utah and Surrounding


All of the following is a work in progress. This is not meant to be the finished product! Arsenal is located on Google Maps in the location of Crescent Junction, Utah. Obviously, as that town is super tiny, Arsenal will smother it on the map and spread out in all directions. The information below is meant to be a jumping off point to create more regions and detail the city

Nearby Cities

  • Sego – Ghost Town

Suburbs and Districts (Greater Metro)

  • Thompson (Real city)
  • -- River: Thompson Wash
  • -- Desert Moon RV Park
  • -- Previously a poor town, Thompson has grown in population and wealth with the rediscovery of a silver mine nearby. It is slowly being gentrified by the incoming population.
  • Steel Canyon (Industrial Zone – see above)
  • -- Arsenal Steelworks. Largest employer in the city. Emphasis on Long Steel (structural, railroads, wires)
  • -- Buchanan Iron & Steel. Only “original” manufacturer not absorbed by a larger company. Emphasis on flat carbon (appliances) and stainless steel
  • The Foundry (Tech Zone – see above)
  • Downtown
  • -- The Arsenal Historical Museum
  • -- Universities
  • The Cannon
  • -- Located north of Downtown, a more affluent region. Includes the heart of the city’s government as well as the Arsenal Cannon monument.
  • -- City Capitol
  • The Hatchet
  • -- Affluent and somewhat rural neighborhood in the northern hills, cutoff from the “humdrum” of the lower population.
  • -- Though no one remembers it, the Hatchet is named after a series of killings that took place during the founding of Arsenal. A number of people were killed in this region, all believed tied together by the common murder weapon: a small axe, or hatchet. The killer was never found.
  • -- Victorian homes
  • -- Tubs and tile (black and white)
  • -- Bed and Breakfast
  • -- Rail lines
  • The Salton Sea Salt Flats
  • Gossamer Park
  • -- Largest park in the city; moderate wealth
  • Whisperwood Hollow Cemetery
  • -- Known locally as “Boot Hill”
  • Verdun
  • -- Southern suburb; poor-to-moderate
  • -- Contains the Boot ‘n Rally
  • New Utrecht
  • -- Named after the Dutch city Utrecht; attempts to mimic its “sister city” as much as possible.
  • -- Popular tourist destination
  • Arnhemville
  • The Foundry (High Technology)
  • -- named ironically for tech industry’s economic influence on the town mirroring original boom of steel
  • Bell Labs
  • -- Developing new energy technologies (e.g., Tesla Motors)
  • -- Currently bidding for multiple military contracts
  • Cloudbank
  • -- Decentralized wireless database technology
  • -- Also bidding for military contracts to utilize satellite infrastructure to enhance DOD capabilities
  • Others


  • Green River
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • - Arches National Park
  • Intersection of I-70 and Highway 191
  • -- Grand Army of the Republic Hwy

Kolobton – Godfrey Park

The City of Arsenal and Surrounding

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