The Fall of Denver


The Fall of Denver

Technically referred to in Forsaken histories as “The Second Fall of Denver” most simply call it “The Fall” due to the constant shifting nature of territory. After Gurdilag’s defeat under the leadership of Max Roman, Denver swiftly attracted wolves of all tribes to its boundaries. Though the Pure remained at the edges, the Forsaken thought them beaten back, unable to retake so quickly what had been lost to them.

The Forsaken were wrong.

While Forsaken packs fought against one another of the ideology of their future, the Pure planned. Max Roman and Rachel Snow stood nose-to-nose in a standoff which drew all attention. Roman’s arrogance led to his eventual death at the hands of a local pack, the Murder of Crows, for crimes against the Forsaken.

In that instant, the Pure struck.

Led by a powerful Predator King called Red Stick in conjunction with both the Fire-Touched and the Ivory Claws, the Pure came down in force on all the packs of the Forsaken. Without Max Roman’s guiding leadership, the packs quickly fell to the depredations of their long-time enemy.

In less than a year, Denver was no longer the great bastion of the West. In its place, a Pure stronghold stood with the power to reach out and subsume the surrounding regions. Many of the Forsaken still exist within and around Denver, but many more fled during that time.

Denver Comes to Arsenal

One Forsaken in particular foresaw the downfall of Denver and made ready plans for escape. Park Sun Ae, alpha of a Bone Shadow pack in Denver known as “The Three Sisters” saw a vision in a fetish bowl. She saw the wolves at the door. She believed that if she told anyone, the vision would change too much for her to prevent it, but the Pure would still prevail.

Park reached out to another Bone Shadow Ithaeur, the last remaining member of the Murder of Crows, Odin. Between them, they were able to store a great many of the powerful fetishes they could take and assist some of the Forsaken wolves in their departure. The two fled to Arsenal, the closest Forsaken-held city, and funneled both influence and resources into making it a bastion against the Pure.

Park joined the alpha pack of the city called “The Peacemaker’s Solution.” Odin forswore joining a pack and has served as a lone wolf in a territory held solely by him and his potent spirit allies.

Once they regrouped from their assault, the Pure began to send envoys to Arsenal in an attempt to probe the city for weakness. They exist, even today, just at the borders of the Forsaken domain. Many believe that were it not for the actions of Watchmaker, the city would have fallen long ago.

The Fall of Denver

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