The Peacemaker's Solution and the Chaos of the Wild West


The Peacemaker’s Solution

When the Pure leader Solidath came knocking at the doors of Arsenal, ready to make war on the city, he was met by a terrifying sight. In the Hisil around Arsenal, an army of spirits stood ready to tear apart their enemy. Intermixed with a variety of spirits all serving under the powerful praxis of Unforgiving Justicewere huge cannon-shaped entities, spirits of the Brood of the Cannon.

In the mortal world, a Bone Shadow Elodoth named Watchmaker strode forth to meet with Solidath. She promised utter destruction upon the Pure should they seek to take command of her city. When Solidath demanded she demonstrate her power, one of the great Cannon spirits unleashed a barrage of silver spiritual energy that annihilated completely one of the Pure leader’s own pack.

Solidath gave his belly to Watchmaker that day and an accord was reached. Called “The Peacemaker’s Solution,” Watchmaker renamed her own pack after the treaty to remind all who holds dominance over Arsenal.

Some believe that Watchmaker made a deal with the devil and gave up the soul of her pack to the city spirit of Arsenal in order to forestall the Pure. Most believe that the pack totem of “The Peacemaker’s Solution” is the Cannon spirit tied to the Arsenal Cannon at the center of the city. None know the truth, however, as Watchmaker and her pack go to great lengths to hide their secrets.


The Chaos of the Wild West

Fostered by the city spirit, the territories of Arsenal have devolved in a way over the past decade. Greater Jagglings and other potent spirits have come out of the same Spirit Wild domain that the city spirit derived from splitting apart the carefully laid plans of the Uratha. Though Watchmaker holds the position of alpha of the city, even she cannot command Unforgiving Justice and bring it to heel.

In addition to the potent spirits of Arsenal, the Forsaken’s dominance over the city suffers from its surge in population. Mages and Vampires alike have seized key locations. Claimed spirits have created broods of humans and cults. Azlu and Beshilu hide amid humanity and seize power. It is even believed that hidden Wounds in the spirit realm in and around the city may be home to Bale Hounds.

Watchmaker and the Forsaken do not have near enough packs to tend to all the territorial culling that Arsenal demands. They cannot police the entirety of the spirit world with the great city spirit at the helm.

Because of this, Arsenal’s packs claim non-contiguous territory more often than not. The packs seize what they can both in and out of the city in an effort to maintain the most vital sections of the city.

The Pure take advantage of the weaknesses in this style of territory by probing individually and with their strange spirit allies. Solidath stands at the ready, always seeking a way in, always ready to take command should the Forsaken fail in their diligence.

The Peacemaker's Solution and the Chaos of the Wild West

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