Tone, Theme, and Setting

This game is set in the fictional city of Arsenal, Utah circa 2008.

This description exists in an effort to help setup the game and to get people into the “mood” of the story. Please read through the following to help get an idea of what the Narrator is thinking for this game.


This is the working basis for the game. The running theme will help the Narrator and the Players dictate how the story will feel and flow.

The overall theme for the opening Chronicle (multi-part story) will center on the following:

  • The Pack – How it functions and forms; how it works once in place
  • “Control is an illusion.”
  • “Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe.”


This is the lens through which we should “sense” and experience the game.

The overall mood of the opening Chronicle (multi-part story) is as follows:

  • The world is dark and gritty, shadowy and violent
  • You are experiencing a growing otherworldly and primal awakening older than anything you have ever known.

Think of nearly everything as being seen through a mystical old lens. When held to the eye it clouds your vision, shadows the edges of the world so that they are difficult to see. A fog permeates everything. But at the edges of that fog, just out of sight, you can see something old and primal lurking…waiting for your misstep.


This is the physical world in which the game will be experienced:

  • Arsenal, Utah and the surrounding regions

Think of Arsenal as a modern-day city on the edge, a boomtown from the Old West with modern conveniences.

Arsenal is a city on the edge, a modern-day “boomtown” full of the dark and mysterious dangers of the world. A cosmopolitan mix of Uratha, or “the People” (Werewolves), has forged a tenuous alliance. Old, broken packs from Denver mingle with wanderers from the world over and just at the edge of it all are the constant watchers from the Pure. The city’s packs are not strong enough to oust their enemies. For now they have chosen a strained peace. To make matters worse, the Hisil (Shadow Realm) of Arsenal has gone unchecked for decades. The spirits do not take kindly to the yoke the People wish to place upon them. And somewhere, hiding in shadow and plain sight, supernatural beings of other races wait…

Tone, Theme, and Setting

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