Dean "The Worst" Thorton

Elodoth Private Detective


Dean “The Worst” Thorton
Elodoth Private Detective
Personal xp:14
Other: 4xp for Glory Renown, 1xp for Honor Renown

Primal Urge 1 Harmony 7
Essence 10/1 Willpower 5
Virtue Fortitude Vice Pride


POWER Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 3
FINESSE Wits 2 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 3
RESISTANCE Resolve 2 Stamina 3 Composure 3


Skill Name Dots Speciality
Investigation 4 Crime Scenes
Occult 3 Ghosts
Academics 1 Law (Private Investigator)
Politics 1
Skill Name Dots Speciality
Brawl 4 Katar Punch Dagger
Survival 1
Skill Name Dots Speciality
Empathy 4
Expression 2
Persuasion 3 Cutting a deal
Socialize 2


Name Description Dots
Fighting Style: Boxing Effect: Your character is trained in the art of boxing, able to deliver swift, powerful punches, and to duck and weave away from opponents’ attacks. He might have participated in the sport in high school or college, or made a go of it professionally. Or he might have taken some classes at the local health club as a form of exercise. Dots purchased in this Merit allow access to special combat maneuvers. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. So, your character can’t have “Duck and Weave” until he has “Body Blow.” The maneuvers and their effects are described below, most of which are based on the Brawl Skill.
Body Blow (•): Your character can deliver powerful blows that leave opponents reeling and gasping for air. If successes inflicted in a single Brawl attack equal or exceed a target’s Size, the victim loses his next action.
Duck and Weave (••): Your character is trained to instinctively duck and evade an opponent’s blows. Use the higher of your character’s Dexterity or Wits to determine his Defense when dealing with Brawl-based attacks only (not against Weaponry attacks). If a combination of Brawl- and Weaponry-based attacks is focused on your character in the same turn, use his normal Defense against both.
Combination Blows (•••): Your character’s training and experience allow him to devastate opponents with a flurry of rapid blows. He can make two Brawl attacks against the same target in a single action. The second attack suffers a -1 penalty. Drawback: Your character cannot use his Defense against any attack in the same turn in which he intends to use this maneuver. If he uses Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster,before he can perform this maneuver, he cannot perform the maneuver in the turn. He is too busy bobbing and weaving out of the way of attacks.
Resources Effect: Disposable income: $1,000 a month/ Total Assets: $5,000 2
Fetish (Spirit Drum) Effect: When beaten consistently throughout the interaction with a spirit, the Spirit Drum grants a +2 modifier to all friendly Social Rolls made towards spirits. The drum has no effect on ghosts. 1
Language: First Tounge Effect: Can read and speak First Tounge fluently. 1
Allies (Ideological Spirit choir) Effect: Each dot that your character has indicates how deep his influence runs in that group. One dot might mean he can ask for minor favors, such as being spared a parking ticket if alliance is among police, or being allowed to see an article before it goes to press if alliance is among reporters. Three dots garner considerable favors, such as a building permit “going missing” at City Hall, or a strike resolution being wrapped up early among union leaders. Five dots allow for dangerous and even overtly criminal favors, such as a stock being sabotaged on Wall Street or the answers to an exam being shared by a university professor. The kinds of requests made of people in an organization typically have to relate to their sphere of influence. Asking a criminal to slow down the bureaucratic process at City Hall makes no sense, but asking him to pass along word of a drug buy does. Favors might be minor and within the bounds of a person’s job or role, such as processing some paperwork more quickly than usual, or could be significant or dangerous and outside what’s allowed or even legal, such as allowing a civilian access to the police evidence locker.The Storyteller has final say over what is an acceptable request and what is not. If there’s any doubt, the Storyteller could call for a Manipulation + Persuasion roll, with a bonus equal to your character’s Allies dots. Penalties might also apply based on the importance or danger of the request. Asking someone to do something already in the bounds of their role imposes no modifier, while asking them to do something that could get them suspended imposes a -3 penalty, and asking for something that could get them jailed or killed is -5. Frequent favors asked of the same group also imposes a penalty as group members grow tired of being called upon. Similarly, a roll of Manipulation + Persuasion + Allies dots could determine how many police answer your character’s call for help, or how many longshoremen turn up when your character needs a show of force (one per success rolled). Allies doesn’t have to be defined in terms of specific individuals over whom your character has sway. He could simply know a variety of people among city reporters and he can call upon them in general from time to time. You should, however, explain why your character has influence in a particular body. Maybe he worked there himself at one time and still has friends in the organization. Or he has done a group a favor and its members still owe him.
Drawback: Allies are not automatons, waiting for your character to ask for help. They have their own lives and needs. An alliance is a two-way relationship. Calling for favors makes your character indebted to his friends, and they are sure to call such favors in when they need help. The Storyteller can use such debts as inspiration for future stories.
Status (Private Investigator) Effect:Status represents the privileges and liberties that your character is authorized to take within the confines and definitions of his group. Increasing dots reflect increasing clout. A cop with Status 1 can enter the suspect lockup and interrogation rooms, while a cop with Status 4 can enter the evidence locker without supervision or get involved in a crimescene investigation without specifically being called in. While Status might allow your character to give orders to underlings, the Merit doesn’t automatically get results. Subordinates or co-workers might resent their assignments, dislike your character or have personal agendas that interfere with your character’s needs. Efforts to get things done through official channels still call for Manipulation + Intimidation, Persuasion or Socialize rolls, whichever Skill is appropriate to the request, circumstances and your character’s standing within the organization. Bonus dice equal your character’s Status dots. Penalties might apply if your character browbeats someone (1), uses threats (-2), skirts the limits of his authority (-2) or exceeds his authority (-3 to -5).
Licensed Professional: Your character is licensed in a recognized profession that affords him privileges unavailable to most civilians. He might be a private investigator and authorized to carry a concealed weapon and to have access to restricted databases and government files, or he could be a building contractor and be authorized to own and use explosives for professional applications. Prerequisite: Academics Skill Specialty: Law (private investigator), Science Skill Specialty: Demolitions (building contractor).


Cunning 0 Glory 0 Honor 3 Purity 0 Wisdom 2


Death 1 Death Sight
Cost None
Dice No Roll is made to activate this gift.
Action Instant_
__ For the duration of a scene, the character’s sight is attuned to the dead. The werewolf can perceive ghosts, even if they would ordinarily be invisible. Doing so requires the character to simply will the capability into effect with an action. While the Gift is active, the player may make an Intelligence + Occult roll for his werewolf to detect any “stains” of death in an area. Making such a search is an instant action. Success allows the werewolf to see a phantom bloodstain wherever a creature at least the size of a cat died within the last lunar month. The size of the bloodstain reveals the rough emotional discharge of the death. A human being who died peacefully and a dog who died in pain leave approximately the same size stain (about the size of a human torso). The darker the stain, the more recent the death. This Gift cannot reveal anything more about the circumstances of any death in question, although a werewolf can use both this gift and Echo Dream to pinpoint and analyze the scene of a murder. The effects of Death Sight apply only when a character is in the physical world.
Honor 1 Instant Measure
Cost None
Dice Wits + Composure + Honor- Target’s Composure
Action Reflexive_
Dramatic Failure The werewolf misreads the person with whom he is talking. Maybe he draws the wrong conclusions, or picks up on the body language of someone in the background. Whatever the case, the target gains a die on any rolls to hide information from the character.
Failure The werewolf doesn’t get a decent read of his target.
Success By interpreting changes of scent and body language, along with spiritual intuition, the werewolf knows how honorable his target is. By applying this knowledge, he knows how best to play his target in a social situation: each success gives the werewolf the 9-again quality to one Empathy, Persuasion, or Socialize roll made against the target until the end of the scene.
Exceptional Success The first roll enhanced with this gift gains the 8-again quality. If that roll succeeds, the Elunim reward the werewolf with a point of Essence.
Honor 2 Beyond Reproach
Cost None
Dice This power requires no roll.
Action Reflexive_
__ The character can activate this gift in two circumstances. Against supernatural powers that try to control her mind or directly influence her actions she adds her Honor to her Primal Urge for contested rolls, and adds her Honor to the Resistance trait for any resisted powers. The second use for this gift is in social situations. When anyone tries to convince your character to act in a dishonorable fashion, you can add your character’s Honor to the contested roll or to the Resistance trait as appropriate. For the purposes of this gift, a dishonorable action is any action that would directly contravene the base expectations of Honor Renown. If the werewolf takes an action that breaks the base expectation of Honor Renown, she cannot call on this gift until the next moonrise. This includes actions that she is compelled to take by supernatural powers.
Half Moon 1 Scent Beneath the Surface
Cost 1 Willpower
Dice Wits + Empathy + Glory vs. Composure + Primal Urge
Action Contested; Resistance is reflexive
Dramatic Failure The character is convinced that what the speaker states is true. The storyteller may make activation rolls on the player’s behalf in case such a result could occur.
Failure An equal number or the most successes are rolled for the subject. The werewolf is on his own. He must rely on intuition and common sense.
Success The most successes are rolled for the Elodoth. He senses the presence or lack of deception in a subject’s actions or words, and deduces the subject’s general emotional state as it relates to the matter at hand.
Exceptional Success The most successes—five or more— are rolled for the Elodoth. If the subject is lying, he becomes so painfully aware that the Elodoth can tell that his veneer of confidence cracks and he gives away a specific clue about the truth he hides.
Inspiration 1 The Right Words
Cost None
Dice This power requires no roll.
Action Reflexive
__ The character gains +2 to all Social rolls made to encourage or mollify. Social rolls to bully and threaten are not affected. The effect lasts for a scene.
Insight 3 Echo Dream
Cost 1 Essence
Dice Wits + Investigation + Honor
Action Instant_
Dramatic Failure The character is overwhelmed with violent and contradictory visions from the area and loses a point of Willpower.
Failure The character receives mere useless flickers or no vision at all.
Success The character receives some vision of the most significant thing that has involved the object or immediate area (no larger than a medium-sized room). Death usually leaves the most significant spirit echo, although powerful bursts of pain or negative emotion also register. Echoes rarely linger for more than a few years, although that depends on the intensity of the events involved. A knife that killed someone a hundred years ago might not possess an echo any longer, while a sacrificial dagger that cut out a thousand hearts five centuries ago might still trigger a powerful vision of blood and darkness.The vision is frequently couched in symbolic visual language, a side effect of the interconnectedness of many spirit concepts. For example, a gun that was used by a hunter to fire a silver bullet into a werewolf might project the sound of a gunshot and the image of the full moon cracking and bleeding. A successful Intelligence + Occult roll might be required to interpret a vision. This Gift cannot be used successfully more than once on any one object or place by the same character.
Exceptional Success The vision is exceptionally clear and provides additional information that the character might not expect. In the case of the gun used to shoot a werewolf, the character might receive an accurate vision of the hunter’s face.
Rituals 2 Blessing of the Spirit Hunt
Cost 1 Essence
Performing the Rite The ritemaster cuts either herself or her subject with a claw, and uses the blood to mark a glyph on the forehead and on the back of each hand. As she does so, she intones a blessing in the name of Father Wolf and the Firstborn. The bloodstained glyphs remain visible for the duration of the rite’s blessing, which may strike fear into any spirits who recognize them.
Dice Harmony
Action Instant
Dramatic Failure The rite fails, and the Essence point is lost. The ritemaster cannot attempt to invoke this rite again until the next night.
Failure The rite fails and the Essence point is lost.
Success Either the ritemaster or the subject may pay the Essence point to invoke the blessing. The recipient of the rite’s blessing can physically touch or strike ephemeral spirits as if they were solid, as long as he is using his natural weaponry. The blessing does not affect weapons. This rite can be performed only on werewolf subjects; it cannot be used to bless a human, vampire or other supernatural being. The ritemaster may use this rite on herself. The blessings of this rite are not necessary for werewolves to affect spirits while in the spirit world; a werewolf in the Shadow has transformed his flesh into spirit matter, and is in the same state of being as the spirits that surround him. The blessing lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success The blessing lasts until the next sunrise or sunset.
Rituals 2 Call Gaffling
Cost None
Performing the Rite This rite is relatively simple. The werewolf marks out a sacred circle and sits in the middle. She consumes a small amount of reality-expanding natural substance — a hallucinogen, stimulant or depressant, as per the ritualist’s traditions. She then places a few hundred grams of chiminage on the ground before her. While this is most often food of some kind appropriate to the spirit’s type, it can also be precious metal, gems or another substance. The greater the value of the chiminage, the more likely the Gaffling is to cooperate with the werewolf’s request. The chiminage may be burned, buried or doused with water in order to bring it to the spirits’ attention. The ritualist then performs a howl of summons. A single Gaffling of the chosen type arrives within several minutes of the beginning of the rite if all goes well.
Dice Harmony versus Spirit’s Resistance (see below)
Action Extended (40 successes needed; each roll represents one minute); potentially contested
Dramatic Failure All accumulated successes are lost; the ritemaster must begin again.
Failure No successes are added.
Success Most Gafflings come automatically once the required successes are gathered. A Gaffling with an important duty that it knows it will be punished for shirking may attempt to resist the call. In that case, the Gaffling’s Resistance is rolled to fight the summons. The ritual becomes an extended and contested action. Each side accumulates successes, and the first to gather 40 wins. In the spirit’s case, it refuses the summons and another might respond in its place or the werewolf beckons none. In the werewolf’s case, the spirit responds normally. Once the spirit has been summoned, the ritualist must either bargain with the Gaffling for its services or bind it.
Exceptional Success Several successes are gained. In an extended and contested action, the opponent suffers a –1 penalty to all subsequent rolls. This penalty is cumulative if one side achieves more than one exceptional success.
Suggested Modifiers:
—+2 Chiminage is very valuable to the spirit
-1 Spirit is particularly disposed toward ritemaster’s tribe or auspice (an Elunim answering an Elodoth’s rite, a war-spirit answering a Rahu’s rite)
1 Chiminage is particularly valuable to the spirit
—+1 or more The werewolf outranks the spirit*
- –1 Attempting to summon a specific individual spirit
- –3 Attempting to summon a specific individual spirit from one mile away
- -5Attempting to summon a specific individual spirit from 10 miles away
*The werewolf’s honorary Rank as determined by total Renown (see p. 272) is compared to the Rank of the spirit summoned. If the werewolf outranks the spirit, the Harmony roll for the ritemaster gains a bonus equal to the difference. If a werewolf with a total of 13 Renown (equivalent to Rank 3) calls a lesser Gaffling (Rank 1), rolls made for the werewolf receive a +2 bonus. If the werewolf’s honorary Rank is less than the spirit’s Rank, the roll made for the ritemaster suffers a penalty equal to the difference.
Rituals 1 Chiminage Rite
Cost 1 Essence
Performing the Rite The Ithaeur sets up an altar (which can be as minimal as a circle drawn in the dirt around a campfire to an elaborate construction of stone reminiscent of a church altar) with a source of flame on it. With a small knife or a claw, she carves of a piece of an object representative of the spirit to whom she is offering chiminage and places it in the fire. Intoning an offering of peace in the First Tounge, she spends a point of Essence to catalyze the offering. The spirit that is the subject of this rite must be at hand when this rite is performed.
Dice Harmony
Action Extended (requires three successes per Rank of the target, each roll represents one minute)
Dramatic Failure The ritemaster grievously offends the target. The spirit becomes hostile, and receives +2 bonus on any rolls made to contest a gift, rite or social interaction by the ritemaster.
Failure No successes are accumulated.
Success Successes are earned. When the ritemaster accumulates the required number of successes, the target gains one point of essence per dot of the ritemaster’s Wisdom renown. The ritemaster gains a +2 bonus on gifts, rites, and social rolls against the target for the rest of the scene. In addition, the performance of this rite removes the need to offer chiminage as part of the performance of any further rites during the scene.
Exceptional Success Tremendous progress is made toward completing the rite. If the rite is completed with five or more extra successes, the bonus to gifts, rites, and social rolls, along with the waiver of chiminage requirements, last for a week.
Rituals 1 Rite of Dedication
Cost None
Performing the Rite The ritemaster may perform this ritual on himself or on other werewolves. It involves cutting the recipient with a claw and smearing his blood on the item in question, drawing a circular pattern. At the culmination of the rite, the item absorbs the blood, leaving no stain. The ritual takes a few minutes for every item to be dedicated.
Dice Harmony
Action Extended (10 successes, each roll equals one turn)
Dramatic Failure The rite fails and all accumulated successes are lost.
Failure No successes are added to the roll for the current period.
Success The target may have up to one item bound to him per Primal Urge dot that he has. He may later choose to “release” a dedicated item in order to dedicate another one. The target need not have all items dedicated to him at once. For example, this ritual could bind two new items to a character who already has two items dedicated to him, as long as his Primal Urge is at least 4. 150 A simple set of clothing counts as one item. A backpack and its contents also count as one item, although only the contents inside the backpack at the time of the rite. If a werewolf later adds something to the backpack, it doesn’t count as dedicated unless the rite is performed again with the new object inside. The contents of an article of clothing’s pockets aren’t considered part of the clothing, unless the werewolf dedicates that particular article of clothing as a separate item. Therefore, if a werewolf dedicates a business suit to himself as “one item,” the watch in his pocket doesn’t count as dedicated. If, however, he dedicates his favorite pair of jeans to himself as one item, the wallet in the pocket counts as dedicated.
Exceptional Success The item doesn’t count toward the character’s Primal Urge limit on how many items that can be dedicated to him. It is essentially dedicated for free or is extra.
Rituals 1 Rite of the Spirit Brand
Performing the Rite The ritualist intones a chant honoring the subject’s strength and wisdom. The exact wording of the chant may be poetic or modern, depending on the ritemaster’s talents, but it must be respectful. As he continues the chant, the ritemaster runs her nails (or claws, if in Dalu form) in ritual patterns across the skin of the subject. As the rite continues, the patterns begin to glow with silver light and take on the form of spirit brands.
Dice Harmony
Action Extended (15 successes; each roll represents one minute of effort)
Dramatic Failure All successes are lost, and the ritemaster must begin anew. This failure to properly honor the rite’s subject is seen as shameful.
Failure No successes are gained.
Success The successes are added to the total. If the total reaches 15+ successes, the brands blaze into being and then fade to the proper state (to invisibility if the rite took place in the physical world).
Exceptional Success The successes are added to the total. If the total reaches 20+ successes, the brands are slower to fade. The subject gains a +1 to all Social rolls made to influence spirits for the duration of the scene.
Rituals 1 Rite of the Spirit’s Promise
Cost None
Performing the Rite The werewolf need not be able to see the spirit in order to use this rite, but he must be in the spirit’s presence OR know its name. The Bone Shadow intones a quiet First Tounge phrase asking for insight, and draws a symbol in the dirt or on a wall. If the ritual succeeds, knowledge of the spirit’s ban becomes clear to the werewolf. In any case, though, the spirit might notice what is happening, and it can use the connection created by the rite to attack the ritualist.
Dice Harmony
Action Extended (successes equal to the spirit’s Rank; each roll represents one turn of concentration)
Dramatic Failure The connection works, but in the wrong direction. The spirit knows some damning fact about the ritualist—- a dark secret, the location of his family, his Vice, the ban that his totem imposes, etc. The spirit can do what it wishes with this information.
Failure No successes are garnered.
Success Progress is made towards the goal. When the player accrues successes equal to the spirit’s Rank, the spirit’s ban comes to the character in a flash of insight. The Storyteller does NOT provide the mechanical aspects of the ban, however. For instance, a garbage-spirit might suffer three points of damage to its Corpus per turn of contact with cleansing chemicals. If the character uses this rite, though, all she knows is that the spirit “cannot abide the touch of cleansing chemicals,” not that it damages the spirit. Each turn that the character rolls to accrue successes for this rite, the targeted spirit has a chance to notice what’s happening. The Storyteller rolls the spirit’s Finese. If the roll succeeds, the spirit realizes what is happening and can use its Numina on the werewolf as if it had the Reaching Numen (see p. 278 of Werewolf: The Forsaken). The spirit can use its powers ONLY on the ritualist (unless the spirit actually knows the Reaching Numen, of course), and only as long as the rite continues.
Exceptional Success Significant progress is made toward the goal. If the rite concludes with the successes equal to the Spirit’s Rank +5, the Storyteller must inform the player of the mechanical aspects of the ban.


Human Form
Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 3
Resolve 2 Stamina 3 Composure 3
Size 5 Defense 1 Armor 1/2*
Speed 9 Initiative 3 Perception 5
Health 8
Near-Human Form
Intelligence 2 Strength 4 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 2
Resolve 2 Stamina 4 Composure 3
Size 6 Defense 1 Armor 1/2*
Speed 10 Initiative 3 Perception 7
Health 10
Wolf-Man Form
Intelligence 2 Strength 6 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 0
Resolve 2 Stamina 5 Composure 3
Size 7 Defense 2 Armor 1/1
Speed 13 Initiative 4 Perception 8
Health 12
Bite 12L Claw 11L
Near-Wolf Form
Intelligence 2 Strength 5 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 0
Resolve 2 Stamina 5 Composure 3
Size 6 Defense 2 Armor 0
Speed 16 Initiative 6 Perception 8
Health 11
Bite 9L
Wolf Form
Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3
Resolve 2 Stamina 4 Composure 3
Size 4 Defense 2 Armor 0
Speed 14 Initiative 6 Perception 9
Health 8
Bite 7L

Dean Thorton: Bone Shadow Elodoth
Deed Name: The Worst

Physical Description:
(Human) 6’1"/ 190 lbs. /Short black hair/ Light gray eyes/ Multiple small facial scars around his nose and eyes/ Clean cut majority of the time/ Constant calm demeanor
His attire consists of business causal with khakis, button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, straight tie, and a vest (vest is actually a disguised thin kevlar vest)/ he also wears sap gloves (mix martial arts fighting gloves) whenever he’s out working a case because you never know when you might have to kick someone’s ass

(Wolf- Urhan) 3’2"/ 110 lbs./ Black fur/ Smoky gray eyes/ Multiple scars around muzzle/ small patches of fur missing in random spots

(War Form- Garou) 8’5"/ 350 lbs./ Black fur/ Pitch black eyes/ Multiple scars around muzzle and eyes/ patches of fur missing in random spots/ Thin emaciated appearance to the point of almost looking skeletal

Dean was raised in the Marshal Orphanage in Antioch, Tennessee since the age of 4. He stayed there until the age of 18, not because he wasn’t adoptable but rather because he felt obligated to take care of the children there along with owner of the orphanage, Jessica Soles. He was the big brother to all of them. Whenever one of his “brothers” or “sisters” got picked on by the bigger kids, he was the first one to jump in and start swinging. Bloody lips and black eyes were the only reward for his efforts. His thought process was “if you keep fighting, eventually you’ll wear them down”. He didn’t have much growing up, but he did have his pride. Ms. Soles always chastised him for getting into fights, then smiled inwardly as she patched up the wounds and bruised ego of her little hero. “I raised you better than this,” she would always say. Everyone said he was worthless and would always be nothing…fuck them. When he turned 18, he got his GED and went to college for a Forensic Science degree to show all the people that doubted him he was better than his situation. It was hard, but he was able to complete his degree in 4 years. After returning home, he got hired on to be a crime scene investigator with the local police. His career in the force was pretty standard until one day…

NPC: Jessica Soles
Middle-aged woman, Wereblooded Kinfolk to Gravedigger pack, Owner of Marshal Orphanage
Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Presence 4, Manipulation 4, Composure 3
Skills of Note: Medicine 3, Politics 3, Empathy 4, Persuasion 4, Socialize 3, Expression 3, Crafts 3
Merits: Holistic Awareness, Language (First Tounge), Resources 2

The First Change
It all started when he met a hot girl, Ashley Summers, at a bar and when they started making out she bit him on the neck…hard. She drew blood and immediately apologized for her “love bite”. They both decided that it was time to call it a night. She wanted to meet up with him for coffee, so they could start over in a more appropriate setting. He woke up with a slight headache but it was probably due to the alcohol last night. The wound on his neck seemed to be almost completely healed. It must’ve not been as bad as he thought.

Dean went to the orphanage he grew up in a few days later to say hi and see how the kiddos were doing. He got there just in time for dinner. Things seemed a little off though. The children seemed to just lay around and do nothing…except for two identical twin boys around 10 or 11 years old he hadn’t seen there before. They seemed to be the only ones that had any semblance of life. Dean asked Jessica about them. She said, “They just showed up one day because they ran away from an abusive household, according to them. The twins seemed to play well with the other kids but over time the other kids started to become increasingly lethargic while they seemed unaffected. I took all of them to a doctor on suspicions of a really bad flu bug but nothing was found.” After dinner, he was playing with the kids when his head started pounding again and vertigo ensued. His body suddenly started to feel numb and sluggish. He feel to his knees feeling completely drained. As he glanced up, the twins stood over him silhouetted by the half moon shining through the window. Those evil smiles borrowed into his being. “Another pup is being born brother,” one said. “His intense flux of essence will be quite delicious,” said the other. Another massive headache hit him.

As his vision cleared, he saw the world as if through a blurry lens. Then he saw it…the twin’s true form. A massive, spectral two headed spider seemed super imposed on them. Then there was the web. The web stretched from the creature all around him and every child was wrapped up in it. Dean turned and called out to Ms. Soles,“Jessica! Run!” Unfortunately, she had already been subdued by six of the bigger children. Even he was slowly being incased in the draining thread. As terrifying as the creature was, something else drew his attention. The moon. It seemed to call out to him.

Thump…Thump Thump…Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump…his heart was about to explode out of his chest. Every muscle was spasming and a primal feeling was building inside him. Then, he let out all of it. All his anger, frustration, and rage released itself in a primal howl. They calmly ordered the children,“Kill him.” The threads of the web electrified the children with energy. They pounced on him with kitchen knives and metal pans. Each stab only intensified his rage. He threw them off in all directions and tore the spectral web that threatened to envelope him. The smiles melted from the twin’s faces to be replaced by complete fear. “What?! He is too strong! Kill him. Kill him NOW!” As he rose, his bones stretched and muscles exploded. Claws elongated and teeth sharpened. Blood filled his vision and then all went black.

He awoke to blood and guts everywhere. Then two buff guys and a woman busted in. He didn’t recognize the guys but the woman was the same one that had bit him on the neck a few nights ago. They all looked pissed as hell. The larger of the two men yelled," What the fuck?! That goddam idiot killed them all." The woman tells the the two guys,“Jessica is still alive, just knocked out. Kyle, tend to her wounds and carry her back to the pack. Terrance, ‘escort’ the pup to the old man. His sentence will be decided later on tonight.” He morphed into a monstrous creature before Dean’s eyes. The creature let out a low growl and walked toward Dean. “As you wish.” it said. Then it landed a one-two blow right in Dean’s face knocking him out.

Once he awoke again, he found out his current situation from Ms. Soles as she tended to his wounds. They were at the Saint Monroe Family Cemetery located a mile away. It was midnight and they were inside of a mausoleum in the presence of the dominant pack of the area, a local all Bone Shadow pack the Gravediggers (Members listed below). The orphanage turned out to be the “nursery” for the pack. Their young could be taken care of without direct involvement in Uratha business and establishment of strong family lines. An old man that looked more like the fucking Crypt Keeper than a person grasped a giant war scythe and sat on a throne of bones and skulls. Dean asked the old man," Who are you?" The old man looked at him like he was an ant,“I am David Monroe, alpha of the Gravedigger pack. Now shut the fuck up and don’t speak again or I will skin you alive and flog you within an inch of your life.” Dean would have considered it an idle threat if it wasn’t for the fact that there were several pelts on the wall of “questionable” origin. The night continued with a sort of trial with testimonies and evidence given on what happened the night before. They were not happy about what happened, but had to obey the Ban placed on them by Death Wolf that told them to pay each spirit in kind. That means since they attempted slowly cause the death of their children, then the death of the spirits was justified. A man by the name of Jack Anderson, the Cahalith of the pack, was particularly upset over the incident as Ms. Soles explained later that one of the children that died was his own son. His arguments were occasionally punctuated by long sorrowful howls to vocalize the sadness of the pack.

The Gravediggers:
David Monroe (Alpha/old man): Bone Shadow Ithaeur
Ashley Summers (Beta/ woman who bit Dean): Bone Shadow Edoloth
Jack Anderson (Dick): Bone Shadow Cahalith
Terrance Smith (Big guy who knocked Dean out): Bone Shadow Rahu
Kyle Adams (guy who rescued Ms. Soles): Bone Shadow Irraka

Ms. Soles said that what happened at the orphanage was mostly her fault. “It’s not the first time one of my children has become an Urathra. I should’ve been able to see the signs of his First Change and called the pack sooner.” Ashley Summers, the pack’s Edoloth, considered all testimonies given. Before giving her decision, she had a short whispered conversation with the alpha. She finally returned to speak,“While the events of last night are a source of great tragedy and sadness, we cannot find complete fault in Dean Thorton’s actions as they were spurned on by the effects of the First Change. This was compounded by the attempted murder by the arachnid spirit who had already ensnared the children. I conclude that the children would have eventually died anyways and that the death urge of the new Urathra ended a threat that could have spread to other areas and packs. This is the embodiment of the ban of our tribal totem, Death Wolf. Dean Thorton will be spared the death penalty and be offered the chance to attempt the initiation test into the Bone Shadows if he so wishes to accept.” Jack let out a furious roar,“WHAT?! Are you fucking kidding me? He just murdered our children in cold blood including my own son. He is literally the worst…the fucking worst kind of Uratha there is. Instead of exacting justice upon him, we are offering him to join us? The only reason you’re going easy on him is because he is the old man’s grands…” “Silence!” the old man slammed his war scythe on the stone floor and eight ghost wolves sprang up to surround the Cahalith with teeth bared and ready to attack. The alpha continued,“The Edoloth has spoken and I support her decision. This trial is over.”

Dean was integrated into the Bone Shadows after he was tasked with finding the ghost of every child he murdered and him gain their forgiveness as his initiation test. Dean was unable to gain the forgiveness of the children. They acted like just what they were, children. They were confused and angry. They wanted to be alive and playing with the other children. He knew the only way they could be released from the twilight now was to destroy their anchor, the orphanage itself. Under cover of night, he ignited one of the gas pipes connected to the stove and set the building on fire. When he left the scene, he thought he saw something in the woods behind the building but whatever it was scurried away before he could see it. Having destroyed the ghosts instead of manipulating them into forgiveness is what drove Dean away from his home territory. Jessica Soles decided to go with him as a mentor/handler to guide him on his path of being an Urathra and make sure that what happened at the orphanage didn’t happen again. When they departed, Ms. Soles gave him a gift, but wouldn’t say who it was from. All the note on it said was “You are still the worst, just don’t fuck up again”. She said that it was a spirit drum used to help placate the nearby spirits when played. They decided to move to an obscure mining town of Arsenal, Utah to get away from some very bad memories. Once they arrived, Jessica urged him to find a pack to join in the area for protection and strength.

Location: The Elunim Detective Agency
Dean and Jessica settled in Arsenal, Utah and set up a private detective agency. Dean as the detective and Jessica as the secretary. the office used to be the small two story home of an agoraphobic writer, Laura Burns, that died one day when a friend tricked her into going outside. She had snapped her neck when she tripped on a step while trying to flee back into her home. Her ghost haunted the building ever since and no one would ever live there because of the strange happenings. Thus Dean got it for a steal. Dean and Jessica became friends with the deceased writer and enjoy her company. The bottom level had the living room turned into a front office space with a kitchen and dining room in the back. The second story had two bedrooms and a second living room.

Social Flaw:
Shameful Secret (Ghostkiller): Dean was unable to gain the forgiveness of the children. They acted like just what they were, children. They were confused and angry. They wanted to be alive and playing with the other children. He knew the only way they could be released from the twilight now was to destroy their anchor, the orphanage itself. Under cover of night, he ignited one of the gas pipes connected to the stove and set the building on fire. When he left the scene, he thought he saw something in the woods behind the building but whatever it was scurried away before he could see it. Having destroyed the ghosts instead of manipulating them into forgiveness is what drove Dean away from his home territory. Further, one of the Gravediggers, Jack Anderson, just KNOWS, that he is lying, but cannot prove it. You gain +1 experience anytime you harm your other causes by trying to cover up your secret or keep it hidden. You may gain more experience if it is ever revealed and it may transform into Notoriety.

Dean "The Worst" Thorton

Arsenal Ghesh