Take Back the Land

(Those That Wait, Hiri Hufesi)


Spirit Name: Take Back the Land (Those That Wait, Hiri Hufesi)

Power 9 Willpower 18
Finesse 7 Essence 20
Resistance 9 Rank 3


Size 13 Defense 9 Armor 2
Speed 16 Initiative 16 Perception #
Corpus 22


NUMINA Chorus, Communion with the Land (p128 WtF), Forest Communion (p130 WtF), Nature’s Vengeance (p130 WtF), Omen Gazing (p124 WtF), Plant Growth (p130 WtF), Wilds Sense)
BAN ???.


NPC Spirit: Oak

Take Back the Land (Those That Wait, Hiri Hufesi)

Quote: << Man has broken this place. In time, the dead shall return to life. Until then, I stand guard. >>

Background and Description:
Cardigan’s Mill was once a vital lumber yard that provided much of the wood for the creation of old Arsenal. The foreman was a contemporary of old “Big Ben” Arsenal himself. The natural waterfall and rushing river served as the perfect avenue by which to send down the cut lumber. The rich waters also aided in the flourishing river and provided tremendous volumes of lumber.

As the years passed and Arsenal began to use other materials for construction, the Cardigan family realized it would have to export. This meant they would need to cut more lumber to offset the costs. They chopped and cut and shipped off the lumber and devoured the forest until the spirit of the land could take it no more. An ancient oak spirit awakened from its slumber just in time to be sawed down, cut up, and shipped off. The physical embodiment gone, the spirit went mad.

Take Back the Land essentially became an undead oak spirit and began to possess the cut lumber, the felled logs, and the still living land. It dried up the riverbed, so the Cardigan’s began to form a train yard for travel. It used its numina to regrow the trees and the Cardigan’s cut them down. The tree spirit entered a maddening depression and reached out to anything that could aid it.

A local pack at the time heard the call. They came, saw what was happening, and understood they could gain a valuable ally in the old spirit if they helped it. Arsenal no longer needed the lumber, so other packs would not care. Moreover, none of the Uratha gave one second of thought to the welfare of the Cardigan family. The pack’s tactic was simple: they blew apart the passages out of the ravine that would allow for truck, train, or river transport.

Their plan was successful. The Cardigan family could not afford to clear the rubble. The river shrank. The mill was shut down mid-operation, much of the old trucks, tools, and blades left behind. Take Back the Land gained a new ban that day and seeks constantly to grow over the old Broken Mill.

Breakdown of Numina Above

  • Communion with the Land – If used, gains full awareness of surroundings. Gains +2 Defense and Initiative.
  • Forest Communion – Basic information up to 500 yards around.
  • Nature’s Vengeance – The land attacks.
  • Plant Growth – Grows plantlife in particular shape. Used to bind in a target.
  • Omen Gazing – Vision of events in the future.

Take Back the Land

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