Story 1, Chapter 3 - Everything Wants to Kill Us

Everything Wants to Kill Us

Chronicle: Something Wicked…
Story 1: Pack Mentality
Chapter 3: Everything Wants to Kill Us

Time: 21 March 2008 (Full Moon, waning)

Chapter 3: Everything Wants to Kill Us


  • Discussion on RP time and justification to raise Renown past 2 and buy new Gifts and Rites. Please inform me when you plan to do either.
  • Mention of Prelude (5xp) and Subplot (2xp) bonuses
  • Creation of NPCs. Still need Nikki Stone updated and The Echo pack totem (Nicholas). The Legendary (Rahu and Elodoth – Kyle and Logan)
  • Horatio creates Rite of Fair Warning around the Navajo Falls Ranch and the Dutchman

Scene: Talk, Talk, Talk

A brief discussion with the Bone Shadow Elder, Odin, left the PCs with an invitation to meet him at his private antique book store and Jack with a brand new antique rifle:

Cedar Coffin Box with an antique rifle: Springfield Model 1875 Type 1 Officers model (AL3590)

A less than subtle hint that Odin knows a lot more about what is going on with the PCs pack than he should.

Meanwhile, back inside the Boot n Rally…

The PCs met with the Lovely Lady Loup, representative of the Peacemaker’s Solution, after their success against the Scar Angels. She brought them into a private manager’s office to seduce them with offers of power and a counter-proposal to Odin’s pending request.

Bad Moon Rising

“You did remarkably well. Better than anyone could have anticipated.”

“The Scar Angels were arrogant,” Horatio said in his quiet tone. “They could have beaten us.”

“Ah, but they didn’t and that makes it all the more delightful!” Loup threw one bare leg up on the desk and leaned in close. “But that’s the past and this is the future. Odin wants you to go to Denver, to his mansion, to his old territory. He wants you to do ‘nothing more’ than retrieve a few items he cannot go and get himself. But he’s not telling you the whole story, not by half. There is a political agenda at work. Us versus them. Those who want to retake Denver and those who want to leave it be and fortify our positions here.”

Loup gave them each a long, slow look and put on her best serious face. “What do you think happens when the Pure find out Forsaken from Arsenal have raided into what they consider their territory? If you go, they see you and then they come down on us as hard and fast as they did Denver in the first place. I have another suggestion,” she slid off the table and spun around in a pompous pirouette.

“Watchmaker thinks you can pull this off AND satisfy the letter of what Odin will ask of you. We want the Pure to know you were there,” she paused for dramatic effect. “We do NOT want them to know you are Forsaken. The Pure will think the Pure in Arsenal disrespect their territory. If they go to war, let it be a civil war.”

“Speak with Odin and when he sets out this offer you come back to me. If you want to take us up on our revision, I have something for you that can help.” She started for the door, then stopped cold and looked back over her shoulder. “Oh, and we want Park Sun Ae’s bowl.”

Scene: The Wishing Well

Wasting no time the PCs hopped in Bastian’s truck and rolled on over to the Wishing Well in the dead of night. As they entered the territory of the lone wolf Odin they took note of the conglomeration of black birds and corvids of all types. Rooks and ravens, crows and jackdaws stared down from telephone poles and atop cars. They cawed and stared and set a shadowy stage.



A single fat raven stood before the door to the old shop, gave Dean a long look up and down, and then vomited up a coin on the front step. A literal wishing well dominated the center of the store and a spiritual bird made material stared down at them as they prepared to pass. Dean tossed in the quarter from outside and the bird seemed to sneer, but moved on to the others. Horatio requested the silver card from Bastian and tossed it in. Bastian and Christian each reached in their pockets and threw some change while Jack stepped forward and flicked a single, shining bullet into the well. When all was said and done, the spirit raven flew off and the PCs could understand…it was angry, but they had done what was required.

From the shadow an old Native American man materialized. Tall and lanky, with empty eyes and black, ragged feathers hanging out of every seam of his clothes, the Claimed Scarecrow beckoned and the PCs followed. Odin poured over maps and notes and secrets in a back room, the big raven from the perch on a rafter eyeing them all.



Odin stared at the bird. “I don’t suppose one of you wants to offer up an eye?” He looked long and hard at the pack and spoke as if he had rehearsed. “I want you to go and get back my secrets.” And he went on at length explaining exactly what the Lovely Lady Loup had informed them he would say. When done, Horatio stepped forward and spoke in a plain tone.

“I want to know the truth. What are we doing?”

Odin eyed him coldly. “You will go and get the things I put on this list. You will come back and give them to me. In exchange, I owe you and can help you take territory, stand for you in a moot. And anything you find that is not on my list…you can keep.” The PCs took note of his omission – he said nothing about the Pure.

Dean leaned across the table. “Can you help us with a totem?”

“It would not be m place. At best, I can point you in a direction.”

The pack considered and made the decision that they must think it over. Speak amongst themselves. They departed with Odin’s consideration and as they passed back along the road they noted a strange fallow corn field with a scarecrow on a pole. It looked as if a real human skull hung at the top and the eyes of Scarecrow followed them as they left.

Scene: A Drink with the Dutchman

Bastian drove the pack back to the Dutchman just around closing time. Winnie locked up, but set out a tray of fatty foods and drinks before she departed. As she went, Christian noted that she appeared upset at something on her phone. He asked and she brushed him off, but he could not leave well enough alone. He “investigated” in his own way and discovered quite a bit about her personal life. He would store it away for a later conversation with Bastian.

The pack considered their situation and, after a long debate, agreed that it would be wisest to follow the letter of Odin’s request. “He was not honest with us.” They would go to the mansion. They would find his things and they would bring them back. But they would leave the Pure thinking about a civil war. The talk turned to options for allies in Denver (The Pickering Family and the Red Knives, see below) and about how to acquire an 18-wheeler and trailer for the cars.

Denver Forsaken (reference here for information on the Pickering Family and the Red Knives)

Storyteller Note:
_There were some hilarious comments here about “that Pure, Sun-Stroked Asshole” and Homeless Dave talking about the ravens. “Fucking birds shit in my foxhole!”

Scene: A Brief Legendary Interlude

Before the pack could depart, Horatio Rose needed help in making a key decision. In chasing Jack, the PCs had inadvertently violated the territory that belonged to the Legendary. It would not stand. The Hunter in Darkness requested a meeting with the twice-blessed pack and they met for a brunch in a neutral location.

SS, Virgil, and the young Coriolanus (Irraka, Cahalith, and Ithaeur) were the only three to arrive. Coriolanus seemed nervous, SS disinterested, and Virgil out of her element. There was a tense nervousness to the entire conversation and sense of relief when Horatio offered apology. He gave himself as a sacrifice for punishment for the crime of violating their territory. Where others might have leaped at the chance to put a new pack in its place, instead the Legendary took a step back.

“You saved us some trouble with the strip club and the azlu.” Virgil said with an eager tone. “Let us consider ourselves even.”

The pack left and as soon as they were out the door Horatio spoke his mind. “They are weak. They do not deserve this territory.” And that was that.

Scene: Odin, Again!

The pack returned to the Wishing Well and repeated the same ritual with the coins as before. As a special mocking gesture, Christian stared up at the eyeball obsessed raven and threw in a pair of shining sunglasses.

Odin drew up a ritual contract in the Bone Shadow way. Everything was detailed and the pack would sign with their blood. “Backing out will bring down the wrath of angry spirits for a year to come.” Dean and Christian made demands that Odin would allow the use of his library. Odin agreed to 6 months free use. When Dean asked about taking the bird (Huginn the Raven), Odin laughed heartily. “You want that fucking thing just give it an eye!”

Later, when Dean would seek out information about the raven spirits and Scarecrow from the Shadow Realm he discovered that every spirit of the type was too closely tied to Odin. Nearly all of them are allied or at least neutral to Scarecrow, afraid of going against him.

Scene: One More Time with the Lovely Lady

The pack made a stop at the Red Willow Cabaret just as the Lovely Lady Loup had requested. As caretakers setup fro a future event, she proudly displayed the gaudiest piece of clothing any of them had ever seen (see below). The shining rainbow cloak glittered with sequins in the wind. Christian laughed. “Dean, they’ve raided your closet! What are you going to do!”

The PCs agreed to the Lovely Lady’s plan and she gave them the use of the cloak and promise of a favor owed.

Scene: On the Move

The pack used Odin’s contacts to get their 18-wheeler, spent some time on tearing out the bed modification, and hopped aboard. Jack drove, Bastian rode up front, Dean sat in a meditative pose in the center of the empty floor, Christian wired in on a tablet, and Horatio slipped into the comfort of the wolf form and went to sleep. They decided to take a longer route north of Colorado to meet with the Red Knives near the state line.

A conversation was struck about the Oaths of the Moon. In specific, the pack considered the possibility that they might have to fight (and kill) a member of the Pure. “The People Do Not Murder the People, they say.” After a short time, all came to a similar conclusion. “Killing the Pure in defense is not murder. They are not People.” Further discussion regarding the Wolf-Blooded came to a similar conclusion with only Christian hesitating slightly about their potential deaths. “Wolf-blooded must be treated with care, but not so much that they are equal. They are closer to human than us.”

Scene: Red Knives Compound

The Red Knives are connected to Odin because of their mutual desire to retake the city of Denver. Odin feeds them money and esoteric knowledge in exchange for the occasional favor, like today.

(See the above link for notes on the Red Kinves. They live in an honest to goodness military compound, off the grid, with wolf-blooded not “in the know” who think they are planning for an eventual apocalypse).

The Red Knives split up with the PCs’ pack and began to show them around. At one point, their current leader Snap asked point blank. “If worse comes to worse are you going to run or are you going to stick? Will you drive that big fucking rig straight into the middle of the Pure?” Their anger had heat. Their real alpha, Honcho, had sacrificed himself at the Fall and was still being held in torture. The Pure sought to get as much from him as they could and flung in the face of the Blood Talons their captive.

The Red Knives, lacking a spiritual center, requested that Christian examine the compound and expend some spiritual power to ensure its safety. Grunt talked to Jack about military details and showed off the big ass sniper rifle and chain gun in their lookout tower. Phantom and Ranger walked the perimeter with Christian and Snap led the others inside. Snap delivered some of the news about the changes to the mansion (see below) and spoke of a Pure pack called the Guardians of the Pass and his desire to “take ’em out.”

Dean spent some time speaking to the spirits of mercenaries and the dead who had come against the Red Knives in the past. Christian and the Irraka duo made their rounds with no surprise until they came back to the pack’s big rig. There, looking through the Hisil, Christian saw a weird apelike snow spirit attempting to spy. As it was seen, it fled, but the Irraka both understood it to be the powerful totem of the Guardians of the Pass – a spirit called the Devouring Beast of Snow. They explained that it was a potent, but stupid creature. “It won’t know who you are, only that you are allies of ours.”

What the Red Knives Know
The Mansion has changed

  • Where before the house had been on flat land, it has been reshaped and now lies on a hill, a sheer cliff face behind it overlooking the race track (see below)
  • The race track has been expanded through mortal and supernatural influence and now surrounds the mansion like a moat. The cars race around constantly having bound (Claimed) a gas-truck driver to fill up their big gas tank on a regular.

Experience, Rewards, and OOC Information


  • +4 Personal XP each
  • +2 Pack XP

Allies Gained/NPCs Discovered:
Scar Angels (reference below)
Blood Talons

Loci Discovered:

  • The Red Knives Compound
  • The Wishing Well

Fetish Granted (Temporarily)


The Rainbow Cloak

A chameleon spirit (rank 2) called Paints-the-Walls is bound within this item.

Upon successful activation, allows you to appear like anyone you have personally seen for a scene. Masks your scent and all physical attributes to appear like them. Will leave their scent in the area, but once it wears off, it will smell like you (meaning the scent will suddenly change, not that the false scent will change to yours). Will only allow you to appear as someone within 1’ and 100 lbs of your own height and weight.

Odin’s Grocery List
Note: Anything not on this list and found is free game.

Total List

  • Deeds to specific properties (listed on the sheet)
  • Old books (named on sheet)
  • Notes (in his private study; as many as you can grab)
  • Coded Rite information (hidden in specific Rare Editions)
  • As much from the Room of Gleaming (Shiny Objects) as posible
  • Cars (see list)
  • Any rare editions [Specifically named]
  • Military Equipment [Old Chain Gun]

Fetish Items

  • A shirt made out of black silk with golden lined thread.
  • A rusted red sword that vibrates
  • Thin, nearly shredded strips of paper with words in the First Tongue

Book List
All of the following are original manuscripts

  • Spilled Milk
  • Flicker
  • Wherever She Goes
  • Mockery
  • Let Her Lie
  • Wearwolf High – teen series that mocked a lot of real werewolf stuff

Car List

  • 1963 Iso Grifo
  • 1957 BMW 507
  • 1997 Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
  • 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster
  • 1999 Pagani Zonda
  • 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental
  • 1996 Ferrari 550 Maranello
  • 1992 Jaguar XJ220
  • 1999 BMW Z8
  • 1990 Lamborghini Diablo
  • 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
  • 1992 Dodge SRT Viper
  • 1966 Shelby Cobra 427
  • 1992 McLaren F1
  • 2005 Bugatti Veyron
  • 1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR
  • 1996 Mercedez-Benz F200 – concept car; only one in existence
  • 1998 HMMWV – military grade
  • 2000 Cadillac Escalade


Story 1, Chapter 3 - Everything Wants to Kill Us

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