Blood Talons

Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth)


Scar Angels

Absent from the Fall of Denver, the Scar Angels have adapted like always by moving their base of operations (Locus: Tractor-Trailer) closer to Arsenal on the highways. They now patrol the highways NW of Arsenal between there and Denver and keep a keen eye on the Pure.

  • Known Members: Jerry “Duke” Needham (Elodoth; Alpha); Copperhead (Irraka); Fix (Ithaeur); Hellfire (Rahu); Smoker (Irraka)
  • Pack Changes from Books: Location (as above)
  • Pack Notes: None at this time
  • More detailed information on the Scar Angels can be found in the books Werewolf: The Forsaken pp#303and Hunting Grounds: The Rockies pp36-39

The Red Knives

The Red Knives have hunkered down in their compound outside of Denver proper. Honcho negotiated with the Pure leaders to give himself up to save his pack. However, they refused to allow the Pure to reign (as Honcho knew) and have begun raiding from their base of operations Their territory is one of the few “safe havens” for Forsaken

  • Known Members: Grunt (Rahu); Phantom (Irraka); Ranger (Irraka); Snap (Cahalith; Alpha)
  • Pack Changes from Books: Honcho taken by the Pure of Denver.
  • Pack Notes: Absent Honcho, Snap has taken command as alpha.
  • More detailed information on the Red Knives can be found in the books Werewolf: The Forsaken pp302 and Hunting Grounds: The Rockies pp32-35

Blood Talons

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