Boot 'n Rally


The Boot ’N Rally


A country-western bar on the southern extreme of Arsenal, the Boot ‘n Rally is a great place to get fucked up. Featuring a large gravel rectangle that acts as a parking lot, a mechanical bull out front for the drunk and stupid, and a hefty coating of sawdust on the floor to help take care of spills of all kinds, this establishment is known across the valley for a great place to go for live music, cheap booze, and plenty of fights.

The place itself is mostly a large, long rectangle, with weathered wood paneling and exposed internal wooden frame. The first third of the said rectangle has a smattering of tables and chairs for those interested in having a seat. The middle third is home to the bar, which itself is a long rectangle in the same orientation as the room, making it easy enough to get a drink no matter what side of the bar you find yourself on. The final third is open, save for a narrow stage that runs along the back wall. Live music is typically Thursday through Saturday, though it’s not totally uncommon for an impromptu set to begin when sufficient alcohol has been served.

There’s no actual signage out front to indicate you’ve found the right place. There was a clever sign up once upon a time, but it got knocked down in some bad weather (or maybe a particularly exciting drunken brawl), and the owners never bothered to replace it. Enough folks know about the place, so why bother?

Though there are plenty of fistfights that break out at the joint, the Sheriff’s Department rarely pays the place a visit. Most folks know that some kind of scuffle is bound to break out, and so long as everyone is calm after the punches have been thrown, the owners have a “no harm, no foul” rule in place.

Joe and Marge Lagrange own the Boot ‘n Rally. The two worked as independent tractor-trailer drivers for close to thirty years before they decided to call it quits on running the highways. Arsenal was never home to either of them beforehand, but they always liked stopping by the town, what with it feeling so isolated.

Joe is in his late fifties, though years of smoking and hard drinking, not to mention life of the road, make him look closer to seventy. He’s a bulky man, thick around the middle, and sports a snowy walrus mustache. He is universally liked by the patrons of his bar, and a look or a quick word from him is usually enough to quell any fisticuffs when he thinks they’ve gone on long enough.

Marge isn’t in much better shape than Joe, though she’s on the opposite end of the scale in terms of weight. One look at Marge and you’d swear her diet must consist of vodka, cigarettes, and crystal meth. Truth be told, she’s not much for anything harder than marijuana these days, but that diet isn’t far off what she took to while on the road all those years. She has a mean look about her, but is a sweetheart to those who know her well. She doesn’t talk about her life before Joe, but a lot of folks would believe you if you told them she was a beauty queen once upon a time and always dreamed of moving to Hollywood.

The Boot ‘n Rally is a locus for a Spirit of Joy, as ultimately, the place is about having a good time. There are a multitude of lesser spirits parading around the place, including violence, jealousy, and inebriation. There are plenty of ways to have a good time there; the spirits make sure of it.

This establishment is also used, on occasion, for meetings amongst Uratha. It is considered a neutral ground of sorts, and with its location so close to the wilderness, disputes that might go beyond what humans should see can quickly be settled in relative privacy.

[Music at the Boot ’n Rally]

David Allan Coe – You Never Even Called Me By My Name

Tomahawk – God Hates a Coward

Drive-By Truckers – The Three Great Alabama Icons

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats – Son of a Bitch

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Boot 'n Rally

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