Denver Forsaken


The Forsaken Packs of Denver, Colorado

This section includes all of those who remained behind after the Fall of Denver. Below is a pack-by-pack description of those once in Denver and their current state. Some of these could be useful allies if the PCs or any Forsaken group seeks to retake the lost city.

At the end of the previous Chronicle, the PCs attempted to remove the last vestiges of the Idigam Gurdilag’s power from the city. They confronted the alpha of the alpha pack, the Silver Syndicate. In a great confrontation they were forced to destroy him. The PCs pack, Murder of Crows, included Phaeton “Odin” McPherson (Bone Shadow Ithaeur), Crae Havoc (Blood Talon Rahu), and the wolf known only as Chiminage (means “offering”) (Iron Master Irraka); the pack’s totem was Scarecrow.

After the death of Max Roman, a massive coordinated assault by the Pure sent the Forsaken running. Many packs and individual wolves fell. Others holed up in their territories. A significant portion fled the city and arrived at the “wild west” town of Arsenal.

The Pure of Denver are led by a Predator King alpha out of legend named Red Stick (War Against the Pure pp137-38) and supported by both the Fire-Touched and Ivory Claws in his control. The Pure have sent a probing party to Arsenal to see about taking command of that not-so-distant home as well. The pack outside Arsenal is led by one of his descendants, a Predator King called Chosen. It is assisted by a chief Deacon of the Fire-Touched called Sun-Shattered-Sky.

Unfortunately for the Pure of Denver, their plans were stymied by the existence of Solidath, an Ivory Claw leader of tremendous power and renown already dominant in the Pure of Arsenal. Solidath, alongside Watchmaker of the Forsaken, has enforced an uneasy truce called “The Peace” around Arsenal. For now the Pure tribes and the Forsaken stare at one another across their tense borders waiting for the shift in the wind that will set them free to war.

The Packs and Alphas listed below can be found in further detail in the Werewolf: The Forsaken Core Book and the Hunting Grounds: The Rockies book. Many have been updated with Xp.

All of the following is updated from the Hunting Grounds: The Rockies Werewolf book.

Blood Talons
Includes: The Red Knives; formerly the Scar Angels

Bone Shadows
Includes: The Pickering Family; formerly the Three Sisters

Hunters in Darkness
Includes: The Mountain’s Proud Children; formerly A Shadow of Smoke and Fire

Iron Masters
Includes: Formerly the Silver Syndicate

Storm Lords
Includes: Formerly the Echoes of Thunder and Black Moon Extreme

Includes: Formerly A New Hope and Jagged Sky’s Pack

Lone Wolves
Includes: Simon “Lightning” Ferrara (see Echoes of Thunder in Storm Lords above)

Denver Forsaken

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